Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bob Stickney Photos ~ November, 2010

 Barbara Dolan-Wilkinson's string2 with Mark Stasz' Take Flight.
 LaPaso Agaves with Benini's Ubiquitous in the background.
Pat Musick's bronze Commence!

string2, composed of 20,000 feet of nylon string.....

Friday, November 5, 2010

New Site-Specific Installation, strings2, by Barbara Dolan-Wilkinson underway!

Barbara Dolan-Wilkinson, who lives and works in Mckinleyville, California is on site at The Benini Sculpture Ranch, creating - along with her husband Allen and her best friend and assistant, Anita Jones -
strings2, an installation that is coming alive with strings radiating from Texas oaks, creating diaphanous
pathways between the landscape of the trees, the skies above and the radiating patterns of multiple strings in harmonious dialogue.
"I take inspiration from nature. My work is organic in substance, yet my sculpture is not about anything. It is rather a study of form, light and shadow, the relationship of parts created space and color," Dolan-Wilkinson said.